The journey of words is often filled with curves, canvases, and color weaving intricately amongst each other. Empirical in nature as an option to ride when delivering a desired spin on an experience; those expressions sliding off the tongue create magic. Feelings become words, words manifest.
Through sound or thought verbalization, words have the power to manifest. Moving forward with positive aspirations to change directions from an altered vibrational utterance via mouth or mind at times…Wonder~why we whimsically watch what we speak, think or be; living this existence?
This page is manifestation vibration.

AUM137 publishing is donating a portion of the proceeds from their books listed on this website to The Creators Gift 137 Peace Projects…  

The intention is to offer the creations of many Manifestors of Peace in Action. Enjoy!

 ​​​Small Town Planet Earth 

by Dada Aum Ra

Martin, the town athlete, is the key to accessing a portal in Aumon that can save the world. He is unaware of his duty. Preferring to speculate about being in the Olympics. It takes a surprising turn of events to get him consciously on his path. Available at Createspace,  Amazon

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Glorious by Dada Aum Ra

Glorious by Dada Aum Ra

Under revision - Glorious really will be available keeps being re-edited...