The Creators Gift 137, Inc.

The journey of words is often filled with curves, canvases, and colors weaving intricately amongst each other.

These expressions, sliding off the tongue, create magic, awakening emotions. Feelings become words, words manifest.
Through sound or thought, words have the power to create, moving positive aspirations forward from  utterance to wonder 

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The Creators Gift 137


Small Town Planet Earth 

                                            by Dada Aum Ra

Martin is a teenager, living in the magical town; Aumon. It's the perfect place, wonderful weather, secluded, predictable, safe... it is so perfect Martin and his friends know no fear. He also doesn't know what to do with himself other than exercise-every day. He dreams of being in the Olympics. 

One day surprises come to visit; a ladder appears at the end of town, standing alone, reaching into a cloud; and sexy Cherly shows up in her red convertible. That's only the beginning....

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