Executive Director

Peace Consultant

Dada Ra 

Dada Ra lives for peace, art, and understanding. She is a free spirit who desires to offer peace principles to as many humans as possible. Founder of nonprofit, The Creators Gift 137; she is also an author; playwright; and a photographer with graphic arts experience.  Dada facilitates Peace programs, meditation, and offers peace consultation. She has a B.S. in Global Social Justice & Civic Engagement.

Board Chair 

Dr. Corigan Malloy 

Dr. Malloy, a New York native, is a veteran educator who has taught nationally and traveled extensively, researching urban education in global communities. She is an artist, photographer, and freelance writer.  Dr. Malloy works to share the opportunity for leveraging personal and academic achievement utilizing sound peace principles.  She earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership and Social Justice; is a recipient of the DeWitt Clinton Fellowship, and currently coaches, teaches, and resides in the Bay area. .

Board Members

Tiffany Amos 

Former auditor and current Senior Accountant at AMF, she graduated with a BA in Accounting and an MBA, both from Howard University. She believes that there is a gap between spirituality and peace. "The Creators Gift 137, Inc. will allow individuals to form a bridge over this gap and enhance the way they view the world!"

Dwana Makeba

Dwana, an in-demand stylist and instructor, is a licensed cosmetologist with over 10 years experience. She is the owner and key stylist of Beauty on de Bayou Natural Hair Salon located in New Orleans, Louisiana, and has taught and inspired several women to become locticians. Dedicated to the evolution of the craft of natural hair care, Dwana has developed several natural hair care products to help nurture and restore hair to its natural and healthiest state. Her client base has over 500 loyal people.


The Creators Gift 137, Inc.

 Julie Rainbow 

Julie has a Master's degree in Social Services and is a researcher/ documenter of “ordinary people”. She is the Author of “Standing the Test of Time: Love Stories of African American Elders”, which she adapted into​ a play. Julie is a former Kellogg International Leadership Fellow, a Kellogg grant recipient for building bridges between two cultures, youth in America and in Botswana, Africa. Her efforts resulted in building intergenerational relationships across cultures.