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Peace Haiku’s
(Written by some of the 11 & 12 year old boys @ Tambourine & Fan)

Peace can be all things
Can be life or may be death
Anything you like – Rueben Mercadal

Love is happiness
The feeling is in your heart
Red’s not violence – Khamal Chaney

There was a man who
At the end of his life said
We should enjoy life- Corey Williams

Keep peace in the world
I love sports sports love me too
Basketball is peace- Cameren Smith
Peace is what’s needed
Love is the root to peace now
Future can be love – Jared Clay

What is Peace?

Some say peace is the opposite of war, or a place to find outside of one's self. They are correct. Peace is that and more. Peace is life in action, at its core peace resides within. That quiet spot some feel is their inner void is actually inner fullness, it is the 'joy' spot. Remembering to access it one can hear music in many things, see happiness where it appears to be missing and find comfort in any aspect of life chosen. Peace is who we are when we recognize our selves, peace is...


7 & 8 year old girls wrote a list of words that meant peace to them. This poem is from that list.....

As I sit in the quiet peaceful
calm of the night
God crosses my mind
Jesus is on my mind too
It is with joy in my heart that
I feel sure that one day
Faithful people on Earth
Will work together in kind
To ensure goodness becomes
Humanity’s main theme
Applied with graceful intentions
Love overflowing
From these thoughts
I smile
In peace
Go to sleep

 New Orleans 

Tambourine & Fan

Summer Camp

Metaphors On Peace


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Our Piece on Peace
(9 & 10 year old girls & a line by a teen counselor))
(By Lemuria Clark, Reanna Tolbert
Mykala Walker, Brianna Tolbert,
Lloyrian Dyson, Kennedy Wyble ,
Stella  Bourke, La’mari Jackson,
Zuri Davis)
We the people
The Children
To Create
A new and 
Perfect world
Without segregation
No separation
All nations
Building a strong
For all children
Future generations
So keep us in mind
Remember the children
Remember us
Striving for a better tomorrow
Becoming leaders
With all families
Coming together
To make
A big difference and helping
To make the world better

Camp Winnarainbow & Dreamland Academy

    Laytonville                    Little Rock