Camp Winnarainbow- Laytonville, CA,
  Dreamland Academy - Little Rock, AR.   
  Clinton Presidential Library- Little Rock, AR.
  Big Thought- Dallas, TX 
  Ascend Elementary- Oakland, CA
  MLK Elementary – Oakland, CA 
  Tambourine & Fan – New Orleans, LA
  Tassili’s Raw Reality - Atlanta, GA

  Peace Speak - Open Mic - Gallery 992- Atlanta, GA
  Dekalb County Jail - Decatur, GA

  Mt Zion Youth Arts and Culture Camp - Jamaica 

  Bioneers Conference- Agnes Scott College - Atlanta;
  Focus: Peace 4th Friday Meditations, Atlanta,    

  collaborators: Grassroots Institute, Bahai Faith
  Various homes

  U*Space Gallery
-Read –Atlanta
  Joe’s Movement Emporium-Read - Mt Rainer, MD
  Nuyorican Poets Café – Performance Read– NYC
  Sister’s Uptown Bookstore-Preview-Harlem, NY

  Dramatist Guild's Footlight Series - Myrtle Beach


  Meet The Creators Gift 137 -Institute of Divine  

  Metaphysical Research  
  DredLocks ~ Another Perspective-Symposium- AHOP- Atlanta;
  Self-esteem presentation- San Felipe, Mexico
  The Impossible Balance (of inner & outer existence in 

  society)- National Association of African- American Studies &      

  Affiliates Conference- Texas
  Focus: Peace Meditation As A Process Of Unification-

  Violence Prevention: Promoting Healthy Communities  

  Conference– Morehouse School Of Medicine
  Spirit; The Highest Form Of Politics -  Alternate Roots 30th Annual    

  Conference, Ashville, SC
  Focus: Peace Meditation - the City of Wellness Tour,  

  Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  Rhythm Sounds- VSA International conference,  

  Washington D. C.
  Metaphors on PeaceSevananda -Atlanta
  Jazz For PeaceFundraiser-Atlanta, GA,

  2017 Libraries For Peace - Atlanta, GA

Who We Are & Why

The Creators Gift 137, Inc.

The CG137

​Our  Principles

   Supporters & Partners  


 *Peace Is Real 

 *Peace Resides Within Us At All Times

Peace is in Everyone


& we are working on Peace Leader preparation


We Can Change The World! 

“War Taxes Redirected by    

   the People’s Life Fund.”

This is the biographical information page for The Creators Gift 137, (The CG137), a 501 c 3, non-profit organization, that was founded in 1999.

Our Mission
To collaborate with other educational, societal and environmental organizations to empower all people towards peace and unity through global projects: to provide a resource bank of facilitators offering workshops and seminars, developing
responsible communities for peace and non-violence.

Our services are based on Dada Ra's 21st Century P.E.A..C.E. techniques.

For more information please go to our main site

Some think what they feel at their core is emptiness or a void, others recognize their core as their source of power.

The catalyst of that power is the fuel of love, the evidence is inner-peace. 

Thankfully one of life's mysteries is the limitless ability we have to alter our perspective as often as we choose. Just as

one sees a glass of water as half empty or half full, we choose to feel emptiness or the power of love constantly flowing 

through all of us, (whether acknowledged or not, spiritually we are all connected).

The ease of choosing can also be the source of difficulty. Just as breathing is a subconscious effort, choosing occurs

oftentimes without second thought.  We choose to eat now or later;  to exercise or not; to speak up or comply. With each

choice is the option of following through with love or conflict. Love choices take more than physical strength as it takes

trust and inner-strength.

Choosing to walk in love may cause others to misunderstand you. It will also enlighten you with the realization there is no

need to respond to the assumptions of others.  You will recognize people are where they are ...this does not mean accepting

abuse. It is a step for removing abusive scenarios from your life and awakening your gifts. Walking in love is to walk in peace.


The Creators Gift 137's tools for awakening one's inner-peace awareness are the Peace Poetry Project, Colored Lives, Focus Peace Meditation, the Peace Ambassador Movement, workshops and consultation.